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New States of Change learning programme launches in Australia and New Zealand

Over the past year, States of Change have been running learning programmes in Australia with the Victorian State Government and in Canada with the Federal Government.

Learning from our experiences and partnerships this year, and seeing the appetite and potential for public innovation in the region, we’re excited to announce that in 2019 we are running a new edition of the programme across Australia and New Zealand - taking place over six months from April to October.

This time around, the programme is open to applications from any city, state or federal government agency across Australia and New Zealand. This new approach will bring further opportunity to grow the innovation community of practice and expand the reach of innovation capacity building.

About the programme

The States of Change learning programme is a practice-led experience that embeds innovation capability and helps public servants become better problem solvers.

Over six months, teams take part in the programme alongside their day jobs and learn how to take an experimental approach to problem solving. This involves exploring problems from new perspectives, and then testing and iterating possible solutions in order to quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. Importantly, participants also learn how to help create the right conditions for innovation to happen.

Throughout, teams work on real-life projects from their departments that they bring to the programme. This ensures a bias towards practical action and ‘learning by doing’, taking teams on a learning journey where they go from testing out new approaches to applying them in practice.

As this is a cross-jurisdictional programme, teams will be drawn from a range of locations across Australia and New Zealand. Bringing together like-minded individuals and teams to learn new ways of working, thinking and tackling problems and building a network of change agents across the region.

Find out more about the programme by reading our Prospectus and Programme Guide.

Want to be part of the next cohort?

Applications are now open!

Applications will be open until the middle of February. We’ll be assessing applications as they come in and only have ten places available, so don’t wait until the deadline!

The programme itself kicks off 1 April 2019 with a four-day training session in Melbourne. You can find all the details about how to apply in our application pack.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out if there’s any info sessions in your jurisdictions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any other questions.

Available for download is our:


Nicole Barling-Luke

Nicole Barling-Luke

Nicole Barling-Luke

Learning Services Manager

Nicole worked in the Innovation Skills team as a Learning Services Manager. She supported the practical implementation of Nesta’s public sector learning programme.

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Brenton Caffin

Brenton Caffin

Brenton Caffin

Executive Director, Global Innovation Partnerships

Brenton was Nesta’s Executive Director, Global Innovation Partnerships, leading Nesta's work globally to help people and organisations get better at innovating for the common good.

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