Make a plan

A clear plan of what you need to do will help make your idea a reality.

As you begin it’s important to develop a clear plan for how you will bring your idea to life. The majority of innovations are developed through an organised process rather than a spontaneous discovery so you’ll need to be clear from the outset on issues such as timescales, resources and aims.

Reflecting on what you are currently doing and studying the particular area you intend to work in will help to start informing your plans for moving forwards. By outlining what you want to do and how you propose to get there, you will also be able to spark discussions about putting your idea into motion.

It’s important to keep in mind which other people and organisations might be able to help put your idea into practice. Collaboration is a key element of innovation and you may be able to build a stronger proposition by partnering with others who have a similar vision.

As you progress, you should also be prepared to revisit and adapt your plan. Along the way you’ll gather new insights that might push you to adjust or even completely rethink your idea so you’ll need to stay flexible.