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Beyond the creative industries study

This report argues for a nationwide strategy to put entrepreneurship at the heart of education for the creative industries.

The creative industries are one of the most important contributors to the UK economy.

So it is important that we accurately measure their contribution to economic activity. Doing so can help both policymakers and industry professionals to communicate key concepts, share reliable data and make the case for greater investment.

There have been renewed attempts to estimate the true size of the creative economy. The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) both published studies in 2007. This report complements their work and seeks to improve on the available data about the true extent of creative activity within the economy.

Peter Higgs, Stuart Cunningham and Hasan Bakhshi


Hasan Bakhshi

Hasan Bakhshi

Hasan Bakhshi

Director, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre

Hasan oversaw Nesta's creative economy policy, research and practical work.

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Peter Higgs