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The Rethinking Parks Replication Award is seeking organisations and partnerships who are well placed to replicate and run some of the most promising and innovative operating models for parks. The Phoenix Parks Foundation is one of a number of examples of promising models to build on and adapt.

Since 1979, the Phoenix Parks Foundation has been assisting the City of Phoenix in enhancing and maintaining an inviting, well-equipped park system for all to enjoy. The Foundation takes a hands-on approach to park improvement through incentives that combine the resources needed to create and sustain change in parks that are overused and underfunded.

Over the years, through a mix of volunteers, in-kind donations from local contractors, cash donations and grant dollars, the work of the Foundation have resulted in many success stories. These include renovations and improvements to several neighbourhood parks in need, such as Arcadia, Moon Valley, and Encanto parks.

To support, enhance, and advocate for parks, preserves, and recreational opportunities to sustain a vibrant community. Phoenix Parks Foundation

The Phoenix Parks Foundation also offers events spread out across some of the City of Phoenix's lively locations. The 2016/2017 season included a Masquerade Ball at Tovrea Castle,a private reception and viewing at Phoenix Zoo Lights (2016), a 5K Run for Our Parks and Dinner in the Park (2017). These celebrations aim to raise awareness of the foundation’s critical mission and inspire community pride for the Phoenix parks and preserves. Proceeds from the events go directly to providing improvements and programmes that benefit the parks system for the citizens that enjoy them.

Each year, The Phoenix Parks Foundation identifies two to three projects or programmes to serve as their primary funding priority for the year. This current season, they have opened up voting to the public to choose their new priorities, which could include: a mini grant programme, creation of an endowment fund, parks and recreation volunteer programmes or natural resources (incl. trails, park safety, security).