The award

The Heeley Development Trust has been awarded £97,890 through the Rethinking Parks programme to develop and test the how a subscription scheme for Heeley Park can create a sustainable revenue base.

Rethinking Parks is a jointly funded programme between the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Big Lottery Fund (England) and Nesta.

This project guide provides information on what the Heeley Subscription Society team tested throughout the project and offers advice to others interested in exploring a similar model.

The idea

Rethinking Parks is supporting the Heeley Development Trust to develop and test a subscription for Heeley Park, in Sheffield. Subscription schemes, whereby people pay a regular annual membership are well established in the arts sector. For example, many museums or galleries have a membership or subscription scheme, in addition to being free and open to the public. The Trust will explore the feasibility and impact of a subscription scheme through Rethinking Parks.

The desired impact

The project will deliver a more regular, planned for, sustainable income for the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the park. This in turn will ensure people continue to love and use and feel a part of the park.

The team

“This is without a doubt the most important project we have worked on to date; if this works it will not only secure the future of our community’s greenspace, it will redefine our relationship with our community and engage them directly in the ownership of the park.”

Andy Jackson, HDT Manager, lives in Heeley and has worked on developing the park and the other Trust Projects since 2001.

Simon Bartles, HDT Finance & Operations Manager, also lives nearby and also joined the Team in 2001. Andy and Simon jointly co-ordinate this project.

Bev Nunn, Heeley Park Events Co-ordinator, is a local resident, living just by the park. She joined the team in 2012 and has developed and co-ordinates a vibrant, year round programme of music, community activity and education and play activities; bringing life, awareness and support to the park.

Dave Wilson, Park Maintenance Worker, joined the Trust as a Future Jobs Fund apprentice in 2011. His presence in the park everyday, his pride and ownership and hard graft are why the park looks so well cared for.

Rob Aril, Park Maintenance Apprentice, is the latest young person to join the team and is a real asset to the park and the Trust.


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