EdTech Innovation Testbed: Organisations

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Due to changes in the needs and challenges faced by schools following the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, the EdTech Innovation Testbed work will not continue as planned. Instead, the EdTech Innovation partnership is focusing on supporting students most disadvantaged by school closures. Read about our newly designed EdTech R&D Programme.

Benefits for EdTech products

This programme was designed to support EdTech products to improve their evidence through trialling their product in schools and colleges in England. The main benefits for EdTech organisations would have been:

  1. Improve your evidence. The chance to participate in an experimental evaluation carried out with an independent evaluator and a cluster of schools/colleges to test your product in ‘real’ conditions and learn more about the use and impact of your product.
  2. Trial your product with a group of schools or colleges that would have been matched with your tool based on their specific needs and interests.
  3. Receive actionable recommendations to improve your product from an expert evaluation team and insights from participating schools/colleges.
  4. Grow your reach with schools and colleges in England.
  5. Take part in a sector-leading practical research and evaluation programme.