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How much is your gas boiler costing the earth?

We all take actions every day to help reduce our carbon footprint, but sometimes the most meaningful actions are not what we expect. That’s why we made this calculator

Lots of us try to reduce our carbon emissions by cutting down on driving and flying and making sure we recycle our rubbish. We shouldn’t stop doing this!  That said, it’s less well known that changing the way we keep our homes warm would have a huge impact too.

By measuring the impact of home heating against other more well-known polluting activities, we created this calculator to show just how urgent it is that we change the way we heat our homes (and the huge carbon reductions that will come about as a result).

Interested to find out what part your home's gas heating plays?

Try our carbon calculator to find out your emissions and what you could do to reduce them.

The carbon calculator is most accurate when your actual energy use in kWh is entered. This information is on your bill. If you don't know your usage in kWh, the tool can use your bill costs to estimate your usage. We're using the April to September 2022 price cap data to do this but depending on your tariff, this might overestimate or underestimate your use.