We'’re delighted to announce we’'ve backed seven projects all working towards enabling a generation of young people to create, rather than simply consume, technology.

Back in November 2012, together with Nominet Trust and Mozilla, we put out an open call for ideas to significantly increase the number of young people who participate in digital making activities.

The Digital Makers Fund is supporting initiatives that invite mass participation.

We're looking for scalable ideas, using young people's interests and passions to drive demand from new audiences to become creators, not just consumers of digital technologies - and we're pleased to be supporting seven ventures doing just that.

The seven projects to be backed by the fund are:

Code Club

- a nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for  children aged between 9-11, funds will be used to grow the 500 strong network of clubs across the UK and  provide curriculum materials for volunteers.

Printcraft - a free online Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool to introduce young people to 3D printing. Funds will be used to develop and scale the project by interactively designing the platform with young people.

Technology Will Save Us - a haberdashery for technology and education, who deliver workshops and design  and sell technology kits such as 'DYI Synth' or 'DYI Speakers' online and through in-store kiosks - e.g. a partnership with the Science Museum. Funds will be used to work with young people to design and test upto 5 DIY technology kits ready for launch in the autumn.

Our Lady's Catholic High School - Alan O'Donohoe, is the principal teacher of ICT at the school and is passionate about teaching computing. Funds will be used to extend the reach of his events, Hack to the Future and, family-focused Raspberry Jam around the UK.

Technocamps - a programme to get young people (aged 11-19) in Wales excited about Computer Science. Funds will be used to extend the offer to primary school children by designing a series of workshops and resources to be delivered to over 3000 primary school children across Wales.

Glasgow Science Centre - promotes science and technology experiences that engage, challenge and inspire. Funds will be used to help establish, run and co-ordinate a network of CoderDojos, providing free and open computer programming clubs to young people across Scotland.

Imagication - a project aimed at inspiring 10-11 year olds to recognise the implications and value of next generation technologies through the use of hands on workshops and online materials. Funds will be used to develop free online resources which enable young people to experiment with digital making and will be available for families, groups and schools.


These seven ventures will receive a share of the £260,000 - up to £50,000 each - to scale their projects and reach more young people.