Our values

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We are restless

To do our job well we have to be awake and always alert to new ideas. We’re not afraid to look at the world with fresh eyes, challenge how it works and find new ways of doing things. That means:

  • We back upstarts, not incumbents
  • We champion radicals
  • We’re not afraid to speak our minds
  • We challenge the status quo

We make it happen

We’re not afraid to take on some of the biggest challenges. We know complex problems can’t be solved just by talking about them. To make change happen we have to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in. We have a responsibility to test our best ideas out, not just discuss them. That means:

  • We are bold and we aim big
  • We are persistent and relentless
  • We seek new ways to make change happen
  • We have confidence in ourselves and in the ideas we back

We do the right thing

We look after each other, and the people we work with.

We work for the common good. That means we have a great responsibility to each other, the people we work with and the people whose lives are affected by our work. So it’s essential that:

We keep learning

We explore and learn from others. We research and test out our ideas thoroughly, and we always take time to reflect and change what we do if it’s not working. That means:

  • We test and learn
  • We’re open to new ideas
  • We are rigorous in our work and the claims we make
  • We share what has and hasn’t worked
  • We support continuous learning and development

We never work alone

We want to change the world – but we can’t do it on our own. We know that the best ideas always come from unexpected places, and that they need lots of different champions working together for them to succeed. That means:

  • We work together
  • We are always looking to work with others
  • We support each other to deliver our work
  • We understand that we are always part of much bigger networks