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Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality and changing lives for the better. We use our expertise, skills and funding in areas where there are big challenges facing society.

Recent debates surrounding the future of jobs have tended to focus on whether roles are at risk of automation. Often, studies have minimised the potential effects of automation on job creation, and have tended to ignore relevant trends, including the ageing population, globalisation, urbanisation, and the rise of the green economy.

In our report, published today in partnership with Pearson and the Oxford Martin School, we have used a novel and comprehensive method to map out how employment is likely to change and the implications for skills - this includes the skills that are likely to be in greater demand in the future.

This method makes it possible to predict with some confidence what kinds of new jobs may come into existence and how existing roles may change, both in the US and UK by 2030. For the US we've created four hypothetical occupations, using the model, while for the UK, we've created two. View the six personas below.

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