The Social Value Act is a piece of legislation that aims to generate benefits in the local communities where contracted services and works are being delivered - benefits above and beyond what’s defined in the core contract specification.

The Social Value Exchange believes Social Value hasn’t been applied in the procurement process to its fullest potential. The platform helps make sure that local social enterprises, voluntary organisations and charities get new resources. We bring together suppliers who need to create community benefits with community based organisations who already are - but lack resources. An 'eBay for community donations'.

Why the ShareLab Fund?

We have created an e-Auction where community projects are matched with suppliers. The ShareLab Fund will help us continue to deliver pilots as they roll out new features, and will also help in the assessment of the scalability of the platform.

Work as part of the ShareLab Fund programme

The platform will pilot in two specific markets - councils and housing associations - mostly in the South-East. By testing the platform, valuable data can be collated on community projects and their impact, which can then be used by contracting authorities to inform future local commissioning decisions.

Hopes for the future

We want to see every place in the UK have stronger, more resilient local communities. While an end in itself, we will be tracking the extent to which these stronger communities can co-design and co-produce preventative interventions in the local community, thereby reducing demand for expensive statutory services.

Finally, we want to see these local community projects grow to the point where they themselves can compete for commercial contracts.

By Dan Ebanks, Co-founder of Social Value Exchange