Beam aims to tackle the growing crisis of UK homelessness by connecting people with skills and training.


Our founder, Alex Stephany, was inspired to build Beam after meeting and getting to know Richard*, an illiterate homeless man who wanted to learn to read. He asked himself: "Would any local people be prepared to help this man learn to read, if technology existed that made it easy and safe?”

At Beam, we believe the answer is 'yes', and that it is possible to use technology to solve a range of large complex social problems, starting with homelessness.

Why the ShareLab Fund?

Homelessness is a growing problem. In part, this a very visible problem that encompasses the rough sleeping that we see on our streets every day.

But there are a far larger number of 'statutory homeless' people – from 200,000-250,000 - living in hostels, BnBs and other temporary accommodation. This number includes approximately 120,000 children.

At Beam, we are using technology, data and a sophisticated operational layer, to transition individuals out of welfare dependency so that they have the confidence, ability and networks to help them lead fulfilling lives.

We are currently working on a pilot with a number of leading homelessness charities prior to our formal launch.


Beam is aiming to work with 30 'members' during our initial pilot phase. After the successful completion of this pilot, and with the support of leading homelessness charities like The House of St Barnabas, we hope to officially launch at the end of the year.

*Name has been changed

By Beam