About Nesta

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Website: sarah.gold
Twitter: @sarahtgold
Based: London

Sarah is a designer working in the area of privacy and security to build digital tools that empower people to take control of their own data.

She is founder of design studio Projects by IF, which among other projects designs data licences, a new accessible form of terms and conditions controlled by individuals, who decide the terms of how they wish to share data rather than the other way around. The studio is now working with companies to build data licences into their user journeys.

Positive about the benefits of data sharing, she is passionate about creating accessible tools “that meet the needs of the masses” and enable them to make informed choices about sharing their data to improve the products and services that benefit them.

"Because privacy, security and data are not just about mathematics and cryptography. They are about the ways in which we will share, learn, understand, love…these issues are about the way we will choose to live”.

Sarah is a Fellow of Near Now, sits on the advisory board of Tech for Good and co-founded the WikiHouse Foundation.

You can watch Sarah speaking about reclaiming our own data in her TEDx talk: A brief future of citizenship, below.