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Date started: Feb 2013
Twitter: @MindOfMyOwnApp
Location: London but operates nationwide

Mind of My Own is taking communication in children’s social work online. Children in care an often find it difficult to talk about their lives, concerns and worries. Mind of My Own’s app provides an easier way for them to do just that, thereby improving their care.

Founder Joe Roberson quit his job as a children’s advocate in 2010 and spent three years bringing Mind of My Own to life, teaming up with sixteen25 and Nominet Trust to make that happen. During that time, the Mind of My Own team spent over 100 hours talking to advocates, social workers and young people.

Today around 40 children’s services use its tools, with more than 1300 children having used the app (either on a computer or on an iPhone or Android device) to share their views. As a result, children have been able to get problems addressed more quickly, which has the benefit of increasing their stability, and preventing breakdowns in placements. In order to help children, says Joe, “we’re ploughing a digital furrow through children’s social care.”

The future will see Mind of My Own expand in the UK to include children with learning disabilities or special educational needs. From there, the team is looking to expand internationally.