Started: November 2013
Twitter: @EuansGuide
Location: Edinburgh

Review and rating websites have had a huge impact on how people choose where to spend their leisure time, but there’s a gap in the information provided.

Euan MacDonald, a powerchair user since being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, and sister Kiki decided that they wanted to create something to give people as much knowledge as possible about venues’ disabled access.

In 2013 Euan’s Guide, a review website and app where users find and share information about disabled access to venues, was born.

Since then it has received endorsements from celebrities including JK Rowling and Stephen Hawking, and has been recognised with awards including Nominet Trust 100 and the BT Infinity Lab People’s Choice Award in 2014. It has also organised a Disabled Access Day for two years running.

With plans to grow and develop the site, the founders say that “for us, our greatest achievement is creating a guide that disabled people are telling us is having a huge impact on their lives, is inspiring them to try out new places and getting their voice more strongly heard.”