Started: February 2015
Twitter: @democlub
Location: London

Democracy Club designs and builds services and datasets to make democracy work for people.

Sym Roe was a volunteer for the mySociety enterprise during the run up to the 2010 general election, working to increase the amount of information available online about the candidates. In 2013 he decided to dedicate two years to ensuring people had as much information available as possible about the upcoming 2015 election.

Working with Democracy Club, which he co-founded with Joe Mitchell, he succeeded in this aim, after crowdsourcing the most comprehensive and accurate database of candidates in recent electoral history.

Democracy Club’s data was used by a number of national newspapers and by organisations such as Google. Over a million people directly used its services, and millions more benefitted from the data through third parties.

Since 2015, Democracy Club has been working on further ambitious goals, looking at how better digital design alongside an active volunteer base can increase day-to-day transparency in local governance; encourage real­time democratic representation; overhaul the process of running for office; and much more.

“Quietly, nimbly, we’re radically transforming democracy in the UK”

At its heart, Democracy Club wants every vote to be as informed as possible.