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Date started: June 2014
Website: www.youralcove.com
Twitter: @youralcove
Location: London

Alcove is a digital adult social care service which harnesses the Internet of Things. Set up in 2014, Alcove collects data from equipment in people’s homes which allows its system to work out when something unusual occurs. For example, if someone isn’t out of bed at their usual time, an alert can sent to a careworker’s phone.

Founders Alexandra Eavis and Hellen Bowey, provoked to action by the shocking stories of substandard care, believe their systems help caregivers by providing them with evidence-based guidance, rather than leaving them largely to guess how people are coping with independent living.

The company has been developing, trialling and launching new products all of which help achieve enhanced safeguarding, a better quality of life for the cared-for and carers, and cost-savings at a time when budgets are under immense pressure.

Alcove has deployed over 5,000 devices to date. But the team says its single biggest achievement has been saving a life after a sensor raised an alert when a customer fell over and was knocked unconscious.

“We want to make sure that the benefits of modern technology get to everyone,” says Alexandra Eavis, who sees a big future for Alcove in the UK and internationally.

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