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Started: 2013
Based: London
Twitter: @yearhere
Categories: Community Action, Employment and Jobs

Year Here is a social enterprise venture which helps graduates access the employment market and find jobs where they can make a difference to society through a social leadership programme.

It was started in 2013 by Jack Graham; his aim being to help bright graduates with leadership potential to develop their skills and to find jobs which contribute to society. He recognised that when you’re fresh out of university or in the early stages of your career it can seem near impossible to find an outlet where you’re given real responsibility to grow your skills and build a serious professional network.

The venture offers a year’s training to a small group of graduates and links them up with companies with a social responsibility remit.

Since the organisation began, Year Here has teamed up with the Cabinet Office, Age Concern, Centre Point and the YMCA to help graduates find the jobs they want. 22 graduates have been through Year Here’s training programme with another cohort due to start a new course this September.

The future looks bright for Year Here - plans are being discussed with a number of universities for a Year Here MA course, set to begin in 2016.