Started: 2011
Based: Scotland
Twitter: @SoSayScotland
Category: Politics

2014 is a year of passionate debate in Scottish politics - So Say Scotland is a charity that seeks to support this discussion by promoting participative and deliberative democracy throughout the country.

The movement began in 2011 but grew significantly after March 2013's Thinking Together assembly, an event that set out a new model of citizen-led democracy in the country, inspired by Iceland’s ‘Anthill’ assembly in 2009.

So Say Scotland seeks to build networks of people and organisations, by hosting assemblies and publishing analysis of innovative tools and methods for political engagement.

With the referendum for Scottish independence fast approaching, So Say Scotland has sought new ways to involve people in the debate, including a deliberative card game called Wee Play Scotland that aims to provoke discussion of the arguments for and against union.

If there’s a ‘no’ vote, So Say Scotland will seek to engage more people in understanding their democratic rights. If there’s a ‘yes’ vote, the organisation will design a process for the creation of a representative constitution for an independent Scotland.

Regardless of the results of the referendum this September, So Say Scotland will continue to build its networks across the country and seek core funding to support its aim of making Scotland a global hub for democratic innovation.