Started: April 2014
Based: London
Twitter: @DigitalMumsHQ
Categories: Employment and Jobs

Digital Mums is an organisation that recruits and trains mums and connects them to organisations in their community that need social media management.

Digital Mums was set up in April 2014 with the aim of training mums in social media management skills and finding apprenticeships for them in the Hackney area of London.

The company was founded by Kathryn Tyler and Nikki Cochrane, two friends who met at a yoga retreat in Thailand. They both recognised that lots of mums are digitally savvy but struggle to find part-time work with decent salaries. They also saw a gap in the market for social media management skills and so Digital Mums was set up.

Digital Mums helps mums to find placements within small companies that need social media support. They also provide a four-month digital community manager training course.

Since it started, Digital Mums has trained up 12 mums and the company has organised placements in pop-up centres, cafes and restaurants around the Hackney area.

A new group of 20 mums start their learning this September. The Digital Mums team wants to scale up its operation across the UK and eventually explore a more global reach.