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Website: www.theliverpoolproject.org

Started: 2008

Based: Liverpool

Young people at the scene of a violent crime are often ideally situated to provide potentially life-saving pre-hospital trauma management. The Liverpool Project was initiated by Dr Simon Jackson and Dr Nick Rhead, in conjunction with Steve Boote (Restorative Justice Coordinator for the Liverpool Young Offenders service) as a way to take advantage of this opportunity.

The course consists of two 90 minute sessions and uses a variety of resources and techniques to keep young people interested. Instructors are selected based on their ability to work with young people and keep them engaged with the material.

Skills taught include recognising the symptoms of blood loss, managing a penetrating wound and how to perform CPR. Funded by Young Offenders Teams, the NHS Innovation Fund and the Big Lotto Fund, The Liverpool Project works out of four centres across Merseyside and has recently started operating in Manchester and Nottingham with additional branches opening in London and Northern Ireland this year.

Judge's Comments

Indy Johar says:

"It's great to see young professionals leading and embracing their civic duty through social ventures like the Liverpool Project and re-establishing a clear precedent for professionals as citizens for public good."