About Nesta

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Website: www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk

Started: 2008

Based: Todmorden

Incredible Edible aims to get people thinking about, and involved in, local food production. Residents are encouraged to turn their neighbourhood into 'edible public spaces' by growing food wherever possible - including car parks, pubs, pavements, and schools.

While the project initially took a guerrilla-gardening approach, they soon began approaching public and private sector landowners for permission to plant on unused grounds.

The Incredible Edible team have since worked with Calderdale Council to make it easier for people and organisations to plant on council owned land, and have formed partnerships with public institutions such as schools and transport providers. Every school in Todmorden is now involved in the movement.

Challenging the notions of what people can physically create in the public realm, this project has no formal membership and all residents are encouraged to participate as and when they can. While Incredible Edible is led by a loose coalition of residents, the team has become a voice for the sustainable food movement, giving talks and visiting organisations across the UK to inspire different ways of thinking about food. Pamela remains explicit that this project must be about action rather than rhetoric and continuously seeks opportunities for people to get involved and see the fruits of their labour.