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Started: 2004 

Based: London

Mind Candy is a leading developer of social multi-player games. Its first project was the award winning Perplex City, but its most successful project is Moshi Monsters, a virtual world and online game, where kids can adopt their own pet monster.

Moshi Monsters now has 50 million registered users and has expanded into books, toys, magazines, music, trading cards, TV and film. Michael is also the co-founder of Firebox, an online retailer specialising in games, gifts and gadgets. 

Having started in 1998 as, selling products such as the shot glass chess set (one of Michael's earliest inventions), Firebox now employs over 40 people in East London and has moved into mail order and the corporate and wholesale/trade sectors.

In his spare time Michael organises boutique music festivals and networking events including Silicon Drinkabout, a regular after work meet-up for start-ups around the Silicon Roundabout.

Judge's Comments

Martha Lane Fox says:

"Michael is a digital rock star. He has founded  many businesses - some with more success than others but always using tech in smart new ways. Moshi Monsters is a UK start up we should be proud to have given birth to in this country."