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Website: www.sbtv.co.uk

Started: 2007

Based: London

First launched by a 15 year-old Jamal Edwards, SB.TV is a multi-faceted company run by a small team of young people who work on web-based viral content at different music-based events.

The media platform has its origins and roots in urban music, with much of its original content coming from local grime artists including freestyle raps recorded on Jamal's amateur video camera and music videos.

SB.TV uploaded its first video in 2007, and within months of its launch, it had become the go-to channel for up and coming artists, outgrowing its grime beginnings and launching the career of acts such as Ed Sheeran.

Today, its YouTube channel has gained many millions of views and thousands of subscribers, as well as Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

In August 2011, Jamal could be seen in a Google Chrome advertisement, which tracked the emergence of SB.TV as one of many of the UK's rising youth broadcasters. The SB.TV channel has two main series, F64 and A64, as well as interviews, music videos, ad virals and bespoke commissions, with recognisable artists, brands and charities.