The UK has long been facing an era of ‘permacrisis’ – an extended period of unprecedented instability. With political attention fixated on managing the present, the long-term view is too often neglected. To help us explore potential solutions, we imagined a fictional ‘Minister for the Future’ tasked with looking at the technologies, social trends and geopolitical shifts on the horizon to better prepare the country for future challenges.

In partnership with Prospect Magazine, we brought this idea to life, assembling world-leading academics, scientists, campaigners and business leaders to fill up our hypothetical minister’s red box with bold ideas that looked beyond the challenges of the present moment.

Now it’s time for you to get involved. Join us for our brand new event series where you’ll hear from the experts, gain fresh perspectives on how to tackle big social challenges and have your say through a live Q&A.

Chaired by Editor in Chief of Prospect Magazine Alan Rusbridger, we’ll be exploring ambitious ideas designed to mitigate long-term issues such as health inequality, food insecurity and climate change, from a National Health Bank to refreezing the Arctic.

These evening events will be held online and in person (London).

Browse our upcoming events below to find out more and register to attend.

Illustrations by Ian Morris.