About Nesta

Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality and changing lives for the better. We use our expertise, skills and funding in areas where there are big challenges facing society.

Creativity is one of the strongest predictors of job growth in the next 10 years and when it comes to AI, it’s held up as the hardest skill to automate. Yet, as digital platforms that support collaborative distributed working have thrived, we are still far from developing AI tools that help to extend human creativity or optimise dynamic collective design. Can tools that draw on both generative design and collective human imagination help us push the limits of innovation and creativity to bring new solutions to intractable problems? How can we make sure that these tools are accessible and promote creative diversity whilst safeguarding them against attacks?

Inspired by: Block by Block for collaborative urban planning, Collective climate action, Generative design technology, Open-ended and emergent gameplay and creative social gaming

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