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Wiser than bookies, pollsters & Paul the octopus?

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On 16 October, we recorded this episode to look at predictions and forecasts about the way Brexit events might unfold - ahead of the original 31 October withdrawal deadline.

So who got it right? Which method gazed accurately into the future?

Using Brexit as a case study, this episode discusses different prediction and forecast methods - polling, betting, the wisdom of the crowds and academic research.

Host Tiernan Douieb is joined by an expert line-up of YouGov’s Chris Curtis, University of London’s Professor Chris Hanretty and Nesta’s Aleks Berditchevskaia. They weigh up experimental techniques, explore the merits of traditional prediction methods and discuss how we can predict and forecast in turbulent times.

We also hear from Sarbjit Bakhshi at Smarkets. He gives a snapshot into how betting and betting exchange activity can show the ebbs and flows of public opinion.

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