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Science Fiction with Jim Al-Khalili

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“There have been a lot of science fiction writers throughout the 20th century who have really seen it not just as a way of imagining a fantastical world full of robots and advanced wonders of science, but also as a way of getting across quite powerful, ethical and moral arguments.”

Jim Al-Khalili

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FutureFest Late

With alternative visions and possibilities before us, we explore the connection between what the future could look like, and how largely science fiction has contributed to this vision. Through a distinctive mix of installations, talks and debates, FutureFest Lates offers audiences an opportunity to imagine and lay claim to a different vision of what might lie ahead.

Recorded at Nesta’s first ‘FutureFest Lates’ event, Nesta’s Nigel Campbell is joined by:

Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Theoretical Physics, broadcaster and author of a new science fiction novel, Sunfall

Celia Hannon, Nesta’s Director of Futures

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