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People, policy and power - an interview with Geoff Mulgan

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“My hope is the network of people all over the world who are turning social innovation from an idea into a reality, can, together, offer people a more positive response to the imbalances, the problems, the mismatches of our times”

Geoff Mulgan

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As well as looking after Nesta for the last nine years, Geoff Mulgan has had an eclectic career, involving research, policy-making and shaping the way the UK ‘does’ social innovation.

In this episode, Geoff and Tiernan discuss:

  • The theory of ‘The Bees and the Trees’.
  • Why the best way to create change is to be the opposite of Concorde.
  • Simple steps to personal happiness.

Geoff also reflects on some of the Nesta projects that he has overseen during his time as Chief Executive.

If you want to learn more about Geoff’s work, he has released a new book. It’s called Social Innovation - How Societies Find the Power to Change and it’s published by Policy Press.

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