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The future of storytelling

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“We need to constantly be finding new forms to write into the future, and to tell the stories of what it's like to live right now for a future audience.”

Crudo author, Olivia Laing

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Stories of the past have been carved, painted and printed. Today, they are whispered through earbuds, watched through screens and available to download.

In this episode, host Tiernan Douieb talks to writer and critic Olivia Laing, near-future author Stephen Oram and writer and narrative designer Chella Ramanan.

We will also explore how stories might be told in the future through installations from the Royal College of Art, and immersing ourselves in an animal love story with performance artist David Finnigan.

Find out about Nesta’s new Alternarratives Prize - a £15,000 prize for writers to explore innovation in short-form storytelling.

And don’t forget to listen out for your discount code for Nesta’s FutureFest on 20 March 2020.

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Future Curious is presented by Tiernan Douieb and produced and published by Nesta’s communication team. This episode was recorded on location by Sonia Foday and edited at Wardour Studios. Original music by Ged Flood.