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Trust: Playing by new rules - 28 Sep 2017

Rachel Botsman discussed her forthcoming book ‘Who Can You Trust?’ - which reveals how we're at the tipping point of one of the biggest social transformations in human history - with Helen Goulden, Executive Director of the Innovation Lab at Nesta.

Trust in institutions - from government to the media - is at an all-time low. But this isn't the age of distrust - far from it. In this explosive new world order, technology is rewriting every rule of human relationships. We might have lost faith in institutions and leaders, but millions rent their home to total strangers, exchange digital currencies, and trust web bots.

The implications and the potential that lie within this new era of "distributed trust" are both exciting and unnerving in equal measure - and they’re coming sooner than you think.

The interview and Q&A session were followed by networking drinks, where signed copies of Rachel’s book were available to purchase.