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Increasingly, people are working together to bring about change in the way that health and care is delivered, distributed and defined. This interactive one day event offereda chance to connect with like-minded people and learn practical strategies for growing social movements like these. We want to share methods, learn about different approaches and understand how people working in this way can connect with the evolving NHS and social care system.

We invited people who have developed social movements to share their experience and others with ideas about how informal networks and social movements can connect with the formal structures of the NHS.

The day also presented an opportunity to hear about how Nesta and the Dunhill Medical Trust will be working to support new (or early-stage) initiatives over the coming months.

Some of the questions the day explored included:

  • What is a social movement and is what I am doing one?
  • What support do you need to grow a movement?
  • What evidence is there about how social movements emerge and grow?
  • What practical advice can people developing social movements give each other?
  • Nesta and the Dunhill Medical Trust: what practical steps can we take to support social movements?

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