In this essential and timely book, behavioural scientists Michael Sanders and Susannah Hume demonstrate the astonishing reach of our social networks, and why we need to reclaim their power to effect positive change in our professional and private lives.

The rise of social media has sent our social instincts into overdrive and the power of our networks has never been stronger. But what if we could reclaim the positive power that influences our decisions, to behave better and be happier?

Michael Sanders, Executive Director, What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care and Susannah Hume, Associate Director, What Works at Kings’s College London discuss their revolutionary work that is changing the way governments and organisations around the world think. Drawing on their own research as well as other leading experts in the field, they will examine the astonishing reach of social networks and how we can harness that same power for good, paving the way to a better society.