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We need to make sure that children are exposed to all cultures regardless of their environment, because representation matters, and children need to see positive representations of all races and genders, especially ones that represent them.

Joss Cambridge-Simmons

This event took place on 17 March. The recording is available to watch below.
As an award-winning childcare specialist Joss Cambridge-Simmons has had a tremendous impact on the childcare industry, breaking stereotypes, letting children lead and normalising men working in caregiving roles.

After facing resistance from childcare agencies reluctant to take on male nannies, Joss set up his own, Jossy Care - a specialist childcare enterprise. Joss is committed to raising awareness of sexism and discrimination in the childcare industry. He believes that breaking down these barriers is crucial for child development. This philosophy lies at the heart of Jossy Care; it’s crucial for children to see positive examples of the races and genders that represent them.

Why you should watch

This free online event is for anyone working with children or in the childcare sector; whether you’re a parent, early years practitioner, researcher or educator. If you want to learn more about challenging racial discrimination and gender stereotypes within education, then this talk will be of particular interest. 

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Joss Cambridge-Simmons

Described as the UK’s leading “Super Manny”, Hackney’s Joss Cambridge-Simmons (he/him) is taking the modern childcare to next level. Multi-talented Joss is founder of Jossy Care, a specialist childcare enterprise that focuses on the importance of gender representation. He’s now a spokesperson for the multi-faceted roles men can play in the child care system, speaking on topics such as men’s mental health to best practice in early years education. Since the launch of Jossy Care, Joss has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts and also went on to win The National Diversity Award 2019 for Positive Role Model. He has also appeared on TV’s Men's Talk addressing mental health which was aired on Sky and CBBC.