“Serendipity is smart, active luck. It’s when you see something in the unexpected and connect the dots.”

Dr Christian Busch

Can unforeseen events and serendipitous experiences create opportunities for innovation and change?

From chance meetings to accidental encounters that spark life-changing ideas, innovation expert Dr Christian Busch believes that we can identify the meaning behind lucky streaks, and take advantage of them. His latest book Connect the Dots brings together a decade of research on the power of serendipity.

For Dr Busch “unforeseen events aren’t just minor distractions…the unexpected is often the critical factor, it’s often the force that makes the greatest difference in our lives.”

Unexpected encounters have changed the course of scientific research, from the accidental discovery of penicillin to the invention of the microwave. How far could serendipity change the course of innovation in the future?

On 3 February 2022, Dr Christian Busch spoke with Nesta's Directory of Discovery Hub, Celia Hannon, on 3 February at 12:00 to learn more.

This event was designed for those working in innovation, research, design, entrepreneurship, or anyone interested in learning about how unexpected luck can create opportunity.

Dr Christian Busch talked about his extensive research into the role of serendipity and discuss how we can identify and harness good luck to our advantage in our professional and personal lives and within the innovation sector.