How to free our brains from sexism:
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How to free our brains from sexism: - 19 Nov 2019 6 p.m. – 19 Nov 2019 8:30 p.m.

Join us for an evening with neuroscientist Gina Rippon to unpack the stereotypes around gender and discover how they could be shaping our brains.

We live in a gendered world where we are bombarded with messages about sex and gender. On a daily basis we face deeply ingrained beliefs that your sex determines everything from what colour you like to what career you might have.

Drawing on her work as a professor of cognitive neuroimaging, Gina Rippon explores what impact these stereotypes have on our thoughts, decisions and behaviour as well as our ideas about ourselves.

In this conversation we invite you to move beyond a binary understanding of our brains and instead to see these complex organs as highly individualised, profoundly adaptable, and full of unbounded potential.

Your ticket includes entry to the talk and a complimentary drink.

About the speaker

Gina Rippon

Gina Rippon is Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging at the Aston Brain Centre in Aston University.

Her research involves state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques to investigate developmental disorders such as dyslexia and autism. She also investigates the use of neuroscience techniques to explore social processes including gender stereotyping and stereotype threat. She is an outspoken critic of ’neurotrash’, the populist (mis)use of neuroscience research to (mis)represent our understanding of the brain and, most particularly, to prop up outdated stereotypes. Rippon is also the author of the acclaimed book The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain.