Nesta Sparks: Debunking innovation - 28 Mar 2018

This event was the first edition of Nesta Sparks, a new series of informal learning sessions we’re running to share our practical knowledge around different ways to innovate.

We’ll be running monthly talks where you can hear from Nesta staff about different innovation approaches we’re using and what we’ve been learning. The first session was an introduction from our Chief Executive Geoff Mulgan, where he discussed what the world has learned about innovation over the last couple of hundred years - and why so much of what's said about innovation is wrong.

The aim of Nesta Sparks is to share learning both across Nesta and our networks and each session will include practical takeaways as well as an open Q&A.

Nesta Sparks is open to all who are interested in hearing about our approaches and experiences of innovating, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Video one: What is the history of innovation?

Video two: Innovation for the people, by the people, with the people? ​

Video three: What are the four stages of innovation?