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What is ‘invisible’ work, and how can it prepare us for the future of work?

Work has become more personal, private, subjective, nomadic and never-ending. We no longer have the certainty of being told exactly what to do and how, and have to rely more on our own resources. As a result, work is moving from observable public spheres into the private and unseen.

John Howkins, in conversation with John Davies, Research Fellow Economics, Nesta, argues that to thrive in the AI-defined era, we will need a mindset of deeply focused thinking and sharing; a process of creativity that combines emotional intelligence and collaboration. Is this invisible work the key to working alongside, rather than being replaced by AI?


John Howkins

John Howkins is the author of 2001’s influential The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas. He is Deputy Chairman of the British Screen Advisory Council and has worked as a consultant for Time Warner, ABC, IBM and many other companies and institutions.