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Investing in innovation: Is bad judgement a good thing? This Nesta and UCL event explored the value of bad judgement when investing in innovation.

The event brought together investors, businesses and policymakers to discuss how to anticipate the outcomes and impacts of innovation. Should we - as investors, businesses or policy makers - try to control the processes and outcomes of innovation?

Organisations attempt to use investment to target systemic change in many different ways; but if efficiency is the enemy of innovation, is bad judgement or investment hype actually valuable in the long run?

Dr Bill Janeway, Senior Adviser and Managing Director at Warburg Pincus moderated a panel discussion.

This event was the fourth in a series on ‘Responsible innovation’. Previous events have looked at the value of citizen participation in innovation and the future of social experimentation. The aim of this series is to explore better ways of governing the products, processes and purposes (the what, the how and the why) of innovation.

The events offered an opportunity to explore what ‘good innovation’ is. Questions like: who benefits, who takes on the risks, and how do we deal with uncertainty?


Dr Bill Janeway

Senior Adviser and Managing Director at Warburg Pincus