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In this Nesta talks to… Sarah Harris, External Affairs Manager at National Grid, joined Nesta’s Andrew Sissons to discuss how we can leverage green skills to meet the demand for a green workforce in the future.

The National Grid’s infrastructure is critical in connecting new sources of green energy to meet the government’s commitment to power all homes and businesses across the country with green energy by 2030.

Over the next seven years the National Grid are looking to build five times the amount of infrastructure that they have built over the last 30 years and they predict that they will need to fill 400,000 jobs to deliver on net zero promises.

In this conversation Sarah emphasised how important a thriving green job market is to speed up the shift to a greener Britain. Sarah discussed the different pathways to building a highly-skilled workforce to support the UK in the transition to net zero, including engaging children with STEM subjects from primary school age and retraining experienced workers.

Sarah and Andrew also explored the importance of engaging communities in National Grid’s work and answered questions on topics such as workforce diversity, career advice for green jobs, and opportunities for developing green skills.

Advancing green skills to meet the demand for a green workforce is essential to fulfilling our net zero commitments.

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This recording is for anyone interested in what can be done to improve the current conditions for the green job sector, whether you work in policy, the career sector or green industries.

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Sarah Harris

Sarah is External Affairs Manager at the National Grid and has worked in the energy sector for over 20 years. She has extensive experience of strategic communications and political engagement, with specialist skills in delivering consultation strategies for large infrastructure projects including development consent order proposals. Coupled with this she has a comprehensive background in crisis communications, press and media.