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Hack Yourself - 3 May 2012

At the 11th in the Hot Topics series we discussed the technology of quantified self, how it will change, what sorts of data will be collected and shared, and what quantified self businesses of the future might look like.

Inspired by a dictum that ‘you can’t improve something until you can measure it’, quantified self or self-hacking is a grassroots movement where people are measuring, logging and sharing various metrics related to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Often, this simple act of measurement alone can act as a powerful motivator for self-improvement.

In the future, quantified self is likely to become more mainstream - owing to the ubiquitous use of increasingly cheaper sensors, the rise of social media and emerging mobile technologies that make tracking a more passive undertaking.


Adriana Lukas

London Quantified Self

Jon Cousins


Kiel Gilleade

Liverpool John Moores University