At this event, Geoff Mulgan discussed the experiment with Roope Mokka who has been advising the Finnish Government on how to develop a model for including experiments and behavioural approaches into Finnish policy design.

Finland is the first country to experiment with basic income on a large scale. From next year, up to 150,000 people will be receiving a basic income as part of this experiment. This marks a new chapter in the history of governance and policymaking in Finland that instead of blindly rolling out social policies without evidence of what works – on health, or education or the environment – it will now experiment, measure and scale.

It will take a systematic approach to experimentation, testing things out and then seeing what works before rolling policies out nationally. At the event we looked at the prospects for a similar experiment with basic income in the UK - at how experiments with a basic income had worked elsewhere.


Roope Mokka

Founder, Demos Helsinki