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This event took place on Wednesday 10 July. You can watch the recording below.

Heat decarbonisation is a complex problem that needs to be a top government priority. The prize is significant – eliminating nearly a fifth of UK emissions and ending fuel poverty.

Homes are directly responsible for creating around 70 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Changing the way we heat our homes is one of the most impactful things we can do as a country to cut pollution.

Nesta has produced a comprehensive policy plan to decarbonise home heating for a new government to use from day one. Applying the latest research and evidence from Nesta and beyond, the plan provides a clear direction for the next UK Government to focus on replacing boilers with heat pumps and other low-carbon heating systems.

At this event we discussed the actions our new government should take to rapidly speed up home decarbonisation and the choices they'll need to make over the course of the next parliament.

Who was this event for

This event was for those working towards getting the UK to net zero, including those that work in government, policy, research or in the energy industry.

The opinions expressed in this event recording are those of the speaker. For more information, view our full statement on external contributors.



Ravi Gurumurthy


Group CEO, Nesta and BIT (Chair)

Marcus Shepheard_final

Marcus Shepheard


Policy Manager, Nesta

Emma Pinchbeck Photo

Emma Pinchbeck


Chief Executive, Energy UK

Kate Ashworth

Kate Ashworth


Energy Infrastructure Lead for Energy Capital, West Midlands Combined Authority


Tim Lord


Head of Climate Change, HSBC