In Conversation with Nigel Dodd - 4 Feb 2015

A conversation with Nigel Dodd, author of The Social Life of Money.

The London School of Economics Professor of Sociology and author of The Social Life of Money spoke at Nesta. He argued that we’re experiencing a moment of realignment in the world’s monetary landscape.

Nigel advocated pluralism in monetary models, and emphasised the importance of viewing money as a process rather than a thing. Watch the video highlights from the event and find out why McDonald’s is leading the way for cuddly currencies.

The event also focused on questions raised in the book including:

  • What counts as legitimate action by central banks that issue currency and set policy?
  • What underpins the right of nongovernmental actors to create new currencies?
  • And how might new forms of money surpass or subvert government-sanctioned currencies?

The Social Life of Money draws out the utopian aspects of money and the ways in which its transformation could in turn transform society, politics, and economics.

Nigel Dodd is also the author of The Sociology of Money and Social Theory and Modernity. He was interviewed by Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta.