On the day before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, this conference explores some of the biggest themes in city data.

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The morning session highlights a range of exciting examples of how data analytics is already being deployed by local authorities and public sector bodies to improve local services and decision making. Speakers from around the UK will explain their motivations for using data, the opportunities they hope to realise and the challenges they are trying to overcome.

The afternoon looks to the future, exploring three of the biggest trends that are likely to shape the possibilities surrounding city data over the coming years. We will be exploring the development of smart cities in the context of increased concerns about personal data security and surveillance, asking whether a smart city can ever be a private city. Following this, we will debate the rights and wrongs of algorithmic decision making in public services. The final session will look at applications of AI in local government, from social care robots to website chatbots, asking where these can have most impact, and the ethical and moral implications that could accompany them.

This event will bring together senior leaders from city governments, frontline professionals, researchers, data scientists and innovators. The conference will feature presentations from leading thinkers and practitioners from the UK and Europe and will offer plenty of scope for discussion and networking.

Registration opens at 09:30 with the event starting promptly at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30.

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City Data Conference Presentation

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