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What is the event?

This one-day conference offers researchers and practitioners the opportunity to come together to share knowledge, discuss cutting-edge research, establish partnerships, and work on a way forward for collective intelligence.

Despite the major technological advances, the billions of pounds invested in AI and all the hype around other disruptive technologies, we still only use a fraction of our collective intelligence when thinking about how to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

Over the last year, Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design have been exploring how to address such challenges through better design, asking how we can tap into the collective wisdom of a place, organisation or market and what new combinations of human and machine intelligence can help us do this at scale.

Who is this event for and why should I come?

This event is for anyone interested in connecting with cutting-edge research and practice on collective intelligence design. We welcome researchers interested in exploring how bringing together different disciplines can help us advance the field of collective intelligence design. For civil servants and other public sector policy leads as well as entrepreneurs and innovators in charities, the event will be an opportunity to learn about new methods and tools for solving complex social issues. The event will also be of interest to funders of social innovation interested in understanding how best to invest in and support the use of collective intelligence.

What’s on offer?

The day is packed with practical sessions on how best to design for collective intelligence. Whether you are interested in learning from great talks and discussions or taking part in interactive workshops and contributing your insights, there is something on offer for you.

We’ll be exploring some of the big questions surrounding collective intelligence, such as how can AI enable collective intelligence? What is the role of crowds in addressing bias in data? And how can we design for collaboration between crowds and institutions?

We’ll also be hearing from the people behind a range of Nesta-funded collective intelligence experiments. They will be sharing early lessons from their work on applying new tools and methods such as machine learning to areas ranging from citizen science to monitoring human rights violations.

Alongside taking part in the debate there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty, whether it’s through interactive theatre, by playing a visionary card game, or experimenting to see what slime mould can teach us about collective behaviour.


Speakers will be announced over the course of the summer. Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Yvonne McDermott-Rees, Professor of Legal Studies, Swansea University
  • Vito Trianni, Researcher, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)
  • Daisy Tam, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities & Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Beth Noveck, GovLab
  • Amalia Zepou, Athens vice mayor for civil society and innovation 2014-2019
  • Karina Vold, Postdoctoral researcher at Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
  • Julien Cornebise, Director of Research AI for Good, Element AI
  • Gina Lucarelli, UNDP
  • Derval Usher, Head of UN Global Pulse Jakarta
  • Claudia Juech, CEO, Cloudera Foundation
  • Imran Khan, Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Trust
  • Cath Sleeman, Head of Data Visualisation, Creative Economy & Data Analytics, Nesta
  • Rosana Ardila, Mozilla Common Voice project
  • Federica Cocco, Financial Times

Registration opens at 8:30AM with the event starting promptly at 9:00AM. The event will close at 5:00PM.