Nesta and Cambridge University launched the largest study ever of crowdfunding and other forms of alternative finance in the UK.

This event presented key findings from the study, including key figures on total size of the UK alternative finance industry - covering both P2P lending, Equity, Donation and Rewards crowdfunding and other niche alternative finance models.

Based on surveys of people who have used alternative finance to fund projects, we introduced new research on the motivations and behaviours of people using alternative finance.

The event explored the future of alternative finance in the UK in three ways; attendees could elect to join a workshop on each of these areas:

More than money?
This workshop explored if the crowd can deliver ‘more than money’ to projects, from commenting on design of products during live campaigns through to contributing their own time and non-financial resources to make projects a reality.

Matched funding
Attendees heard about how matched funding is being used to increase giving as companies and funders seek to get extra benefits and make funds go further by tapping into the crowd.

Beyond the raise
An introduction to how alternative finance providers are driving entrepreneurship in the UK and the challenges of turning momentum generated from a successful fundraising campaign into a viable business.

Following the workshops, there was an evening reception, with food and drink from crowdfunded companies, where we mapped out Nesta's future work on alternative finance.

Check out our photos from the event.