The HARP Covid-19 Sprint: what we did and what we learned - 30 Sep 2020 10:30 – 12:00

HARP stands for Health, Arts, Research, People. It's a partnership between Y Lab - Nesta, Cardiff University - the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh NHS Confederation to look at how innovative ways of funding and supporting arts and health activities could help to make them more sustainable in Wales

The HARP Sprint was a direct response to the pandemic:  Y Lab supported a team of 12 arts and health professionals to develop and test four new creative activities that could support different groups of people during this extraordinary time.

Our main question was 'How do we improve pathways and access to arts interventions that support different groups during this time and beyond?'

Join Programme Manager Rosie Dow and Research Fellow Sofia Vougioukalou to learn about the Sprint and hear directly from the teams about the innovative ideas they tested, what they learned and the impact on participants. We will also be showcasing the rich creative outputs from the projects.