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Squaring the circle

A new paper, published today by the Alliance for Useful Evidence, looks at how local authorities and their partners are using evidence to develop strategy, prioritise spending and redesign services.

Squaring the Circle considers fundamental questions of how local authorities and their partners are making use of evidence as they try to square the circle: that is, tackle the seemingly impossible challenge of reconciling substantial cuts in funding and dealing with intractable issues such as a sluggish economy and pressure on services from an ageing population.  

You can read the paper on the Alliance's website, and hear more from author Derrick Johnstone in a piece written today for The MJ. Below is an extract from today's article:

Improving use of evidence has been a mantra for many in local government, but what difference is it making in helping authorities navigate and take big decisions? New research for the Alliance for Useful Evidence sheds light on the current state of play and calls for collaboration to address critical data and skill gaps, says Derrick Johnston.



Jonathan Breckon

Jonathan Breckon

Jonathan Breckon

Director, Alliance for Useful Evidence

Jonathan was the Director of the Alliance for Useful Evidence from 2012 to 2021.

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