Getting engaged: insights from Rethinking Parks communications research
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Getting engaged: insights from Rethinking Parks communications research

In December last year, we asked our Rethinking Parks stakeholders about their current and preferred ways for us to engage with them.

Thanks to the responses of nearly 190 people on our Rethinking Parks stakeholder list, we obtained some very helpful insights about people's preferences about engagement in the programme.

We thought that some of the insights would be helpful for the sector beyond Rethinking Parks, so have curated seven highlights from the research.

Here’s what people told us:

1. There’s a strong interest in community management models of parks

2. Respondents also expressed a preference for learning from other parks projects and the people who deliver these

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3. Respondents access national and local news sites online more often than using social media

4. Respondents found networking, hearing from individual speakers, and site visits most useful from events attended

5. Time is the most cited reason for people not being able to engage in learning.


6. Respondents cited How-to Guides, e-mail newsletters, visits to sites, events local to them and practical information on new revenue models as preferred learning formats.

7. Text on-line and face-to-face were preferred methods for absorbing new information 


Thanks to all of you who contributed to this useful piece of research. We will be using the feedback to ensure that how we share learning with the sector lands with you, in a form you like and where you are.



Lydia Ragoonanan

Lydia Ragoonanan

Lydia Ragoonanan

Senior Programme Manager

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